This is not my normal blog posting but I just finished a new novel that I thought was really funny and really well done.

The book is about a couple of assassins who are also molecular biologists and run an exterminating business. They are on the run from a cartel boss who is spending millions of money to have them, well, “exterminated.” To get funding for their ecological idea of using bugs to kill bugs, they hook up with DARPA to genetically design some assassin bugs to fight terrorism. The DARPA guy is an end-of-days type who uses the bugs to attack Hollywood stars and bring forth Jesus.

As it rolls forward, there are slews of right wing Christians literally fighting each other over their differences in beliefs, a good-guy CIA type, a Catholic priest, a teenager and her mom and a bunch of honest and dishonest media types.

It is very entertaining, twisting and turning. Reminds me of one of my other favorite books,  Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins.

The Exterminators, by Bill Fitzhugh. 2011.  ( )

Science, religion, guns, drugs, CIA, DARPA, broadcasters of all types, Hollywood, deaths by lethal bug bites

I mean, what is not to like??