A 2012 survey by the Leadership Management Australasia of organizations in Australia and New Zealand showed the number of workers considering looking for a new job holding steady at 50% – and 1 in 5 actively looking, with 1 in 7 actually applying for a new job within the last 6 months.

Surprisingly, 33% of managers are actively looking to change jobs and 24% have actually applied for one, the highest stats ever in the 12-year history of this annual survey!

63% of employees felt there was more pressure than 3 years ago – a finding mirrored by 70% of the managers feeling that way. (And, it is not like there was a lot less pressure only 3 years ago!) Only 8% of both groups felt there was less pressure. The number one causal factor was the employees’ ranking of “work-life balance” as causing the pressure while managers and leaders ranked “higher performance expectations” as their number one source.

Managers rank “continuously being in demand”, “increase in personal workload”, and “quality of staff in the organization” as the major pressures they feel. They are being pinched from both directions.

Employees feel that “client / customer demands” and “increasing competition in the marketplace” are the number one pressures.

Pretty interesting stuff…

You can download the survey free at www.leadershipmanagement.com.au

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