I have been saying that for a long long time. It just seems like a lot of things just do not work smoothly, from my wasting two hours with a web hosting company over the past two days because my computer will not allow me to edit what Chris put up to redo my ScottSimmerman.com website.

It was, “You’ll have to clear your browser cache and clear all the cookies.” Then, it was, “You’ll have to upload to the Newest Version of Flash” — a quick look on the internet showed some loading problems with Macs running 10.7 and v 11.3 of Flash. And so on.

The first two techies were no help and the third one eventually suggested that I  look at my cookie preference — it turns out that simply changing Safari from blocking “third parties and advertisers” to allowing anybody and anyone to pop cookies onto my site would enable Netfirms’ “Webly” interface to operate.

Seems like a pretty darn poor software design to me, since I have to open up my security to simply edit a website, so I guess I will change preferences when I update and then switch back. The Square Wheels really ARE everywhere and one would think that their support people would know about that since what I did is fairly common. (I never did delete my cookies and clear the cache — that just seemed dumb since I had never been on that Netfirms’ site before. I would not have unplugged my computer, either!).

On the other hand, that idea that the third tech had to look at the browser security was a good one since it solved my problem. Yeah, and one can only hope that the next Mac / Safari user having this problem might benefit from sharing this idea. Round Wheels are everywhere, too. But they are not often shared.

Yep, The Square Wheels are everywhere and we go through life thumping and bumping along, it seems…

I use a simple magic trick using dots that illustrates my thoughts on ideas and that allows me to narrate the trick toward my desired outcomes. It is a good trick and you can get it online somewhere. You can see me doing the trick in a 90 second video on our YouTube site. Clicking here will take you directly to the link.

And here is an optical illusion that also illustrates that the round wheels are everywhere. Hope you like this:

There are plenty of Squares above. But isn’t it interesting that we seem to focus on the Round dots in the picture? Wouldn’t it be great if managements in organizations could do the same thing? Focus on the Round Wheel ideas that would correct the Square Wheels that are so common?

And there is this one, too. Which of the round red balls is bigger?

Well, neither. It is not a good idea to compare different solutions, sometimes. Every idea has a positive impact in many cases, either as an idea to fix or correct something or as a stimulus for another idea.

Round Wheels are not a workplace illusion.
And the Square Wheels need to be addressed to make things work better.

Just Do It! For the FUN of It!

Dr. Scott Simmerman is a designer of team building games and organization improvement tools. Managing Partner of Performance Management Company since 1984, he is an experienced presenter and consultant.
Connect with Scott on Google+ – you can reach Scott at scott@squarewheels.com

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