I’ve been using the Square Wheels One illustration for a long time, since 1993, and reactions to it have always been awesome. It engages and involves people and helps them generate ideas for improvement as well as anchoring great discussions about the things that needed to be addressed.

SWs One - How Things Work

A related issue is the issue of leadership and understanding the reality that leadership can sometimes or often be really isolated from what is happening. Illustrated, it looks like this:

long long rope

Solutions? Pretty simple in my view of things. First, involve and engage people in generating ideas and solutions:

Brainstorming easel pad green

and then put forth some people to analyze and promote ideas for implementation:

Drawing Board Two green

I call this whole thing Engagimentation, the simply combination of engagement and implementation ideas. It is about brainstorming, team building, involvement, motivation and a variety of things that make organizations improve.

Maybe this approach is too simple. But it seems to work.

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