You got to hand it to the Elves of the world, since they are the ones who get most things done. They are the hands-on people who work at it all the time for the rest of us.

But their jobs are not intrinsically motivating, for sure. There are lots of issues and problems of missions and visions, even when one thinks that everyone is clear on all things.

SWs Santa

Santa Surprise


Santa had lunch with the boys and got a rude surprise. Seems like the pushers at the back were not all that enthused about what they were doing. They did not share that happy holiday feeling and they were not all working together.


And Santa would sure like things to work better and faster. So, good old Santa got everyone together in the workshop to ask for ideas and see if some better solution might be available…

Santa Design Shop

And sure enough, they found that they just could get a plan together. Playing with the wheels sure helped cement the ideas, too.

thumping and bumping

So they put the effort in and got things going, together.

Act finally together

Have some fun out there, yourselves.


(cartoons and copy all copyrighted, 2012 by Performance Management Company)