Reindeer gazed in wonderment, perplexed at this strange sight.
It’s a Square-Wheeled “wagon sleigh” but something’s not quite right.

Santa SWs One ©

Lo and Behold! Santa’s pulling instead of riding high in his sleigh
full of red-bowed Round Wheels with the elves pushing hard away.

What’s Santa thinking? It’s not possible this sleigh will take flight!
Square Wheels can’t replace us reindeer, how could he think they might?

Moving forward in its journey to all (in spite of Santa’s lack of insight),
the slow thump, thump, thump of the wheels are creating a very bad plight.

Oh dear, Santa must step back from that sleigh and think another way
or no gifts will arrive, for those who await them, by Christmas Day!

It seems so clear, Get rid of Square Wheels and add us! the Reindeer say.
Then kids everywhere will wake up excitedly with brand new toys for play.

At last, Santa realizes he needs Round Wheels and reindeer for flying tonight.
So he replaces those Square Wheels making everyone’s Christmas a delight!

Santa Flying sled, elves hanging on color

Square Wheels® are a registered servicemark of Performance Management Company.
© Performance Management Company, 2009 – 2012.
Poem by Joan Simmerman and artwork by R. Sabean.