Here is what happens if I let my brain wander around. I got online today and saw a post that got me clicking on some different things and eventually migrated over to my YouTube page at PMC864.

Looking at a couple of different things, I clicked on my Godzilla Meets Bambi video and was reminded how cute this 2-minute animated video was. For a first cut at trying to be funny, entertaining and informative in one swoop, I think you would find it pretty good. I should probably illustrate it with my LEGO images and I DID see a Godzilla toy in the stores before Christmas.

The link is here:

Godzilla Meets Bambi - On Leadership

Just me, having a bit of fun and messing with Godzilla. And there seem to be too many Godzillas and not enough Bambi’s in many of today’s workgroups, ya think?

Your thoughts and reactions are most appreciated.

For the FUN of It!

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