Joan had some thoughts on my poem in the previous blog, one that was about what management can do to crush initiative. Her ideas were good, but she wanted to use “smoosh” as opposed to “smush.” So I considered it and played around a bit…

Joan, the poetry manager of PMC, wrote this:

Just when you thought your ideas were good
So that work would soon be more as you wish,
It seems your Boss most likely misunderstood
And crushed your initiative with a big smoosh!

But I like smush because it rhymes with mush, which seems to be what so many ideas turn into. Smoosh sound so much like whoosh and just isn’t as grabby…

So, I rewrote it to look like this:

Big Foot Smush

I do this to poke a bit of fun at the supervisors and managers who need a little bump now and then. I realize how hard it is to manage people, and to manage bosses, and with way too much to do in way too little time. That stat shows up in how people take vacations, something I blog about in

Working while Working – and while on Vacation, too?

Yet I also recognize that there are a lot more workers than managers who also feel many of these same kinds of pressures.

I think we can all do some things differently. And that the Round Wheels are already in the wagon. People can be better involved and engaged — it is a thing about reciprocity.

Our Square Wheels communications facilitation tools work great for involving and engaging people in sharing ideas and for engagimentation.

Have some fun out there!

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