There are just SO many statistics supporting why we should be improving organizational engagement and involvement. Right now, is seems to be “relatively okay” but that is certainly not really good enough. We can easily do a lot more if we can just get Senior Leadership as well as front line supervisors to better understand the issues and opportunities.

It feels like some senior managers really get this and are frustrated because so little seems to move the needle higher. And I know that a lot of front line supervisors are frustrated simply because the workplace environment sucks and the employees’ morale and productivity and quality could be so much higher. Everybody seems to be blaming everybody else. It seems as though things work like this:

Double Pullers

Or, maybe, they seem to work more like this:

Double Pushers Workers

Either way, it appears that we could be doing more, right? It seems like we are wasting a lot of energy that might serve other purposes. I mean, why can’t we make it look more like this:

Celebration plane color green

Data? Plenty of data. This from Gallup (2012) with 1.4 million people and almost 50,000 organizations:  Employee engagement affects nine performance outcomes. Compared with bottom-quartile groups, top-quartile performing organizations have:

  • 37% lower absenteeism
  • 25% lower turnover (in high-turnover organizations)
  • 65% lower turnover (in low-turnover organizations)
  • 28% less shrinkage
  • 48% fewer safety incidents
  • 41% fewer patient safety incidents
  • 41% fewer quality incidents (defects)
  • 10% higher customer metrics
  • 21% higher productivity
  • 22% higher profitability

Is that not clear enough that there are benefits in doing things differently?

ASTD says we are spending around $200,000,000,000 for training and development –yet we can’t make some improvements in engagement? Seriously?

We cannot get each supervisor to reach ONE employee a week to help that employee become more engaged? Seems like even firing one supervisor or one employee for non-engagement might have more of a positive affect than what we are doing now…


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Dr. Scott Simmerman is a designer of team building games and organization improvement tools. Managing Partner of Performance Management Company since 1984, he is an experienced presenter and consultant. 
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