I just blogged about three cartoons in my other blog, my poems on performance one. But I thought the issue was important enough to build on a bit more as I continue to play with the ideas for the new team building game on issues of planning, collaboration and trust building. It is fun to be in this creative mode of operation for a while.

SWs Both TRUST Navran viewpoints

The thought is that both the wagon puller and the wagon pushers have viewpoints and histories and experiences with the issues around trust and promises. The idea is that we cannot change the past, but we can do some things to build on the trust that already exists and that this will help improve performance results, impact motivation, and increase creativity, engagement and innovation. There is no downside to building trust other than it raising expectations for the future.

Lots of people have lots of experiences behind them to which workplace expectations can be anchored. Not all of those experiences and memories are good ones:

SWs Yellow Experience


and all sorts of possibilities might come to mind:

SWs Yellow Possibilities

But there are also some good possibilities, some alternatives to consider and things we could choose to try to accomplish that would help improve motivation, alignment and collaboration. The issue of engagement and involvement is important and some activities could look like this:

Square Wheels Images Trust Good Possibilities Green

It is about the choices we make and how we wish to address our people in the ongoing and future performance initiatives. They have plenty of ideas that can help address the issues they see. But they need to have some connection to these themes of trust and expectations.

For the FUN of It!

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