Well, I am not sure of the construct validity of this test relating pie and personality but I believe that it just might be as good as some of the instruments that we use for leadership development. And the other good news is that it IS about PIE!

I am going to go with my first choice, APPLE pie and you can click on this link or on the image to go onto that Buzzfeed page to scroll down the pictures and the inferences made.

Apple Pie from Buzzfeed

Yes. This says two things about me, I think. One, that it is the Friday after Thanksgiving and while I plan to buy some software today online, you will not see ME out in the stores. And, second, it is about pie and this is the day after Thanksgiving.

Do have a nice holiday out there — even if you are not in the US, The whole notion of Thanksgiving is that we should simply be thankful for what we have and thankful for our families and all that. (And WHY it is called Black Friday and why all those minimum wage retail folks are forced to work from dawn to midnight to satisfy some “shopping craving” is pretty crazy.


Scott at work 2

Have fun out there!

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