Here are a few more of my haiku that focus on the theme of improving performance and collaboration within organizations.

Square Wheels Free Land Haiku Crashes expected

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Teamwork IS possible, but the teams need alignment and shared goals, along with an understanding of the issues of collaboration and best practices. Each team, rolling with great enthusiasm, is not the optimal design for success.

Square Wheels View Top Haiku from above aligned

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Leadership is about involving and engaging people on the journey forward, working to clarify goals and expectations and to generate synergies within organizations and between departments. Maybe it looks somewhat like this:

View Front Haiku beauty

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With the understanding that the View of the Front and the View at the Back generally both looking something like this:

square wheels illustrations view front back

The non-engaging reality of the View from The Back is certainly something that needs to be addressed in many workplaces. Lastly, we close with something like this:

Mentoring Butterfly Haiku transformation

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PMC Creates Simulations that teach

For the FUN of It!

Scott Simmerman Lost Dutchman Debrief

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