My thought was to add a couple of thoughts to the blog I posted up yesterday about asking whether creativity can be taught. I guess the old phrase is, “Begging the question…” You can find that other blog here.

Let me illustrate a bit of my thinking as it relates to organizational creativity and continuous continuous improvement. I will do this using the one image and some context:

Square Wheels One - Things I need to do more celebrate 100

The above represent some simple thoughts or action plans on the issue of creativity and improvement. Nothing about this is rocket science.

Any sort of change or improvement requires some thinking, and some “considered alternatives.” If we continue to do things the same way, we will continue to get the same result. This holds true in so many work situations, even where the top performers are known to be doing things differently than everyone else!

Creativity and considered alternatives are all about perspective.

Square Wheels One all the things you won't see poem red

Creativity and considered alternatives are all about perspective, as well as the perception of the wagon puller’s commitment to even considering changes.

Square Wheels One Nothing is NOT poem

My belief is that everyone is creative and does think differently. The issue is simply one of sharing those ideas with others, including fellow wagon pushers and the leadership of the teams. We can be creative and we can generate new and better ideas and we can make improvements if we focus on making improvements. And there are some other issues on engagement – click on the image below to read about Spectator Sheep!

Square Wheels One and TS Eliot Shadow

Your thoughts?


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Dr. Scott Simmerman is a designer of team building games and organization improvement tools. Managing Partner of Performance Management Company since 1984, he is an experienced presenter and consultant. He is currently unsuccessfully trying to retire in Cuenca, Ecuador.

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