A couple of really good discussions on facilitation and implementation reminded me of The Theme of Workplace Reality:

Getting things done around here is a lot like herding cats.

For that phrase, I am always reminded of the old EDS commercial about the satisfaction gained from successfully herding cats:

Herding Cats - EDS Commercial

“Herding cats. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s easy…”
“I’m living a dream…”

Funny stuff, for sure and worth watching!
(Clicking on the image above will open up that 1 minute video in Youtube.)

So, in chatting with my British friend, Barry Howell, he used the phrase “herding frogs,” which I guess is a more common one there since they aren’t so much into herding cattle as an English culture. I thought it pretty funny, and it anchors to the same issue of trying to manage the less than manageable.


I love using those kinds of very visual, kinesthetic phrases to anchor reality.

Today, I saw a link to an absolutely wild short video about stampeding ducks. Seriously. Looks like Thailand but I am not sure. Anyway. click on the image below to see that video. Unreal

Stampeding Ducks

Trying to implement things is not an easy task, as shown in these examples. And while ducks will be imprinted to follow an individual or other ducks, with people it is not quite so easy.

And then there is my graphic also speaks to getting things done:

Baby Elephant Teamwork Quote words

Cats, frogs and elephants.

Will Zombies be next?

(Actually, the answer is YES, since my colleagues in Hong Kong and Tokyo both wish me to get my Zombie Strategy Implementation Game into beta so they can mess with it. Wheeeeeeeee.)

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