The fun continues. And I just updated the slideshare to make the dialog more interesting about how Susan deals with her work.

I created a wagon pusher character, Susan, and put her into the role of helping her team institute change and workplace improvement. I used the LEGO block to help illustrate some of the Square Wheels themes and issues. And, I think it came out pretty nicely!

Susan Square Wheels LEGO Courage

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The American Psychological Association polled employees of Fortune 500 companies about how happiness impacted teamwork and happiness. Results showed that happier team members worked more cohesively and happier groups were up to 50% more productive than unhappy teams. It obviously impacts innovation, risk-taking, creativity and problem solving.

According to iOpener Institute, the happiest employees at work take 1/10th the sick leave of their least happy colleagues, are 6 times “more energized.” Results showed they intend to stay twice as long as their colleagues at their place of employment.

And Michael Como’s research showed that happy people earn more nearly 30% more respect from their peers and 31% more respect from their managers. He also finds that “…people with higher self-esteem and a more positive outlook when they are young earn more in the marketplace later in life than their counterparts who are less positive and have lower self-esteem.”

Our goal as employees is to properly challenge leadership to generate some perspective and discussions focused on involving and engaging people around you. And the goal of managers should be to listen to ideas. Everyone should be involved. Everyone has ideas,

BIG LEGO Fun Team Image

This it is NOT

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but the start of something or, better, some things!

For the FUN of It!

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