We are going to pop up a free little Thanksgiving Conversational Toolkit focused on improving conversations about working better together. Joan is doing the main work on this and I have been tying to illustrate some of her poetry and put some tools together.

We should have it done by tomorrow (November 19, 2014), so if you would like a copy, email me and I can zip you a folder of some slides you can print and post or use in a powerpoint display and I will include the Moose Joke instructional video and those tools. The idea is to stimulate a conversation and focus about the past successes and the potential new ones that should be attained as we move toward the New Year.

Here is a business haiku that I just spun up to illustrate our thinking on this:

business thanksgiving haiku by Scott Simmerman

If you are looking for some conversational stuff to support any pre-Thanksgiving meeting you might be having, why not download these materials.

My Moose Joke is my favorite meeting closer:

Moose Joke punchline

Click on the above to read about this closing joke

I trust that all things roll forward smoothly,

For the FUN of It!

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