The theme of my flagship team building game focuses on optimization of results based on collaboration between workgroups and I anchor that to the phrase used throughout the delivery,

The Goal is to Mine as much Gold as WE can!

It is about collaboration and not about competition. It is about sharing ideas and working together on common goals and a shared vision.

But that is NOT how most workplaces seem to operate, and I recently put together an article about leadership of government workers and how poorly they seem to be managed in so many workplaces. I titled it,

Leadership, Engagement, Morale in Government
– Survey Results and Ideas for Improvement —

and I used this image to anchor the basic thrust, one that might show how some of the people who participated in the different surveys might actually feel about their careers in government service:

bummed out guysI am guessing that if you are actually involved and engaged, the picture might be a little different. But the results of the surveys point to a picture more like the above.

In this same vein, maybe the situation is more along these lines:

Where is a wooden Square Wheel when I need one!

After all, the Round Wheels already exist in the wagon! All we need do is ASK…

Square Wheels Involvement tool

So I post up that blog on LinkedIn Pulse with quotes and statistics to try to increase some awareness in the issue about better management of people and performance and the many ways we can improve their involvement and engagement in workplace improvement. If you have not clicked over there yet, do so.

If you are looking for some tools, check out my website,

For the FUN of It!

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