Here are five of my new business haiku poems, done using the newest LEGO versions of the Square Wheels® images. There are 15 or 20 of these completed, which I am posting up on Instagram. I am all energized because we are so close to going live with our course on facilitation tools and techniques for supervisors that also uses the Square Wheels main image as a tool for impacting engagement and motivation.

So here are a few of these, which I hope you will like. I tied each to the landing page of the new course, which should go live this week (Nov. 1, 2016). The course, and the social media backend, is not perfect but it sure is good!

Square Wheels haiku of engagement and innovationSquare Wheels haiku - image by Scott SimmermanSquare Wheels haiku - image by Scott SimmermanSquare Wheels haiku - image by Scott Simmerman Square Wheels haiku - image by Scott Simmerman

Let me know if you like these and you can certainly contribute a haiku of your own that I can illustrate,

For the FUN of It!

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