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Workplace FUN – ONE stupidly simple idea

Gallup just published a report that showed that only 35% of male managers in the US are engaged in their jobs. Let me repeat that — only 1/3 of males who are managing and leading other people are themselves engaged. (It is better for women, and it also shows that the teams working under women are also more engaged).

But WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? I mean, it does flow downhill and all that but is this even remotely acceptable? NO, in my belief system. How can those employees even be remotely satisfied if 2 of 3 managers don’t care?

I ginned this up for other purposes, but I will show it here since I think there is a leverage point around this somehow. I know it may offend a few people maybe, but there IS a reality here and most can agree that this IS a style of management:

Donkey Hotey's Trump Image and Samuel Goldwyn's quote

This quote was actually that of Samuel Goldwyn, the G in MGM Studios. But it does reflect a style of management that we see out there…

Today’s reality is that “this guy” is seen as a successful manager of people and a “good businessman.” The reality is meaningless; this is the perception and the model for leadership in the minds of many people.

I am not going to narrate much on this. But I will ask:

  • WHY is work not fun?
  • HOW can we shift the thinking of supervisors AWAY from “managing” — aka manipulating — and get them to be more involving and engaging?
  • How can we generate more RESPECT among people working together, thoughtfully, on shared goals and missions?

The TRUTH must be out there somewhere. The TRUST that we need for good working conditions can be developed. And we should be adding some FUN to how things work, not some gun. So, a little poem and the suggestion that you check out The Square Wheels Project, a stupidly simple training and development program focused on facilitating more asking and listening in any workplace.

#morebetterfaster Square Wheels fun poem

My personal goal is to leave a legacy with my Square Wheels® images and approach to involvement and create a learning space for managers to become more engaged in their own workplace improvement practices. The Manager IS the Motivator — who else can involve their people?

So we are trying to build a place where one can learn how to use simple tools to better involve and engage people in workplace improvement, a place that will help a supervisor build more effective communications and teamwork with their people. A place to learn, without the over-burden of Human Resources or Training Departments where one can get #morebetterfaster by simply spending 30 minutes in learning some new skills and supporting others,


For the FUN of It!

Dr. Scott SimmermanDr. Scott Simmerman is a designer of team building games and organization improvement tools. Managing Partner of Performance Management Company since 1984, he is an experienced presenter and consultant.

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  1. Dr Scott J. Simmerman Ph. D.

    Just a bit more information around women, men, engagement and leadership from the Gallup survey: In the U.S.:

    32% of all employees are engaged
    35% of female employees are engaged
    29% of male employees are engaged
    41% of female managers are engaged
    35% of male managers are engaged

    WHY can’t we do some things differently?

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