Well, I read an article today about giving those people who enrolled and who paid for their education at Trump University some kind of recognition. Two months ago, I registered on the Dudism website and downloaded a Certificate of Ordination in the Church of The Latter Day Dude. Yeah, serious stuff… But I did get some recognition and a certificate of “accomplishment.”

certificate of ordination in church of the latter day Dude - for Dudism

With that under my belt, I decided to roll forward.

And in the bright light of all that is happening out there, I thought that I might offer up a supporting Certificate for:

  • those who enrolled in Trump University,
  • those who thought they might have enrolled there, or
  • those who should have enrolled there but did not have the money.

(Or even those who never heard of it but wanted a degree from “a university,” even though it was unregistered.) Whatever…

Since there was apparently little learning actually transferred, I thought that ANYONE who thinks they might deserve a certificate get one for similar effort and transfer of learning and knowledge. And MINE is FREE!!

So, below is a full-size, reprintable Certificate that you can have, even though you did not give them any money or receive any value. They call this quid pro quo or some such thing, right? And, heck, it is Saturday night and it is almost Christmas!


Feel like you are making progress!

And, if you want a real education to improve your facilitation skills, please visit us at The Square Wheels Project, where we will share some solid group facilitation skills and perspectives and actually give you some tools you can use to improve engagement and innovation in your workgroup. OURS is a serious learning project and, YES, you will earn a Certificate of Completion along with some badges for accomplishments like supporting other people.


If you think you should share The Square Wheels Project with your manager, or if you want to connect them with us, please do. Or, heck, give him or her their own Certificate of Honest Completion,

For the FUN of It!

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