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We continue to be impressed and rewarded by the impacts of our exercise on the issues of people and performance in the workplace. As more and more users experience this teambuilding exercise, it continues to confirm that the intended messages from our business simulation are being received and that participants become more aware of the available choices the have for motivating their people.

This 2-minute video by SimuRise is from DBS Bank and you can find it here:

A video of Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine in play at DBS Bank in India

Involving and engaging managers in ideas for workplace improvement is an essential part of any leadership development program and Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine does a great job at generating more openness to the issues and opportunities around collaboration. Competition is the norm in so many workplaces and this exercise opens up communications about what people can choose to do differently to impact performance. Some competition is good and it can be motivating but too much competition generates the choices that sub-optimize results, something the exercise shows elegantly.

Dutchman is unusual as a teambuilding exercise because so much about the exercise is measurable. People can make choices which optimize overall results and the impacts of choosing to compete or win demonstrates the downside when viewed overall.

We are in our 30th year of supporting this exercise globally and we are now about to release a virtual version of the exercise, one designed to impact team building, collaboration and organizational alignment with remote teams.

And if you have any questions at all, we would love your comments. If you are interested in the virtual version of the game, the release date should be in October, 2021. We are in beta-testing mode with selected customers and associates at this moment in time. Please contact Jeff Simmerman for more information about the Virtual Lost Dutchman.

We are also developing a DiSC version of the exercise with our colleagues at The TEAM Approach.


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  1. Amy

    Teambuilding is very important. If your team works together then your company is in good hands.

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