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Announcing PMC LLC, a new organization arising from Performance Management Company

A description of the creation of PMC LLC and the shift from the Lost Dutchman board game into a virtual program for remote worker teambuilding. Lost Dutchman Virtual is a great tool for remote teams and issues of collaboration and alignment.

The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine goes online / virtual

This week, we will see an operational ONLINE version of our team building exercise, The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. First developed as a board game in 1993 and sold and delivered globally, we have been working with a software development company to bring the same dynamics of play generated in face-to-face game […]

Square Wheels Tools for Managing and Leading Remote Workers

There are massive shifts happening right now, some are trends that are simply continuing and some are having significant impacts on people and performance. In millions of workplaces, people who have had desks are not expected to continue to contribute by working remotely. That transition is going to be unbelievably painful for millions of workers […]

“Why are team-building activities conducted?” – An answer to a Quora Post

This question was asked in Quora, where I posted up a response. Your thoughts? The Big Answer is “organizational improvement.” That can take the focus on improving collaboration to impact innovation or creativity or customer service or similar. It can take the focus of re-aligning (or aligning, even) people toward shared goals and objectives, missions […]

What are examples of team building exercises that actually work?

I was asked the above question today in Quora and I shared what I thought was a simple response: “It is NOT “the exercise” but The Debriefing. Spending some time playing a game or doing some kind of group activity will change nothing because people will generally not reflect on their activity in any way […]

Teamwork: Things Can All Play Out with Everyone Being Comfortable!

You Don’t Have to Build, Shoot, Cook, Find Things, Find A Way Out, Be Physically Challenged or Be a Loser, Sing, or Even Be Especially Clever! You Don’t Even Have to Sit Still Unless You Want To! The above points can all be true, however, given today’s climate for sensationalizing corporate adventures and team building […]

What is Performance Management Company? (We do corporate teambuilding!)

What is PMC – who are those people? (And note that they now operate as Performance Management Company LLC.) Founded in 1984, WE ARE FOCUSED ON BRING SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE TOOLS TO IMPACT PEOPLE AND PERFORMANCE THROUGH ENGAGEMENT AND COLLABORATION SINCE 1993. Performance Management Company was founded in 1984 by Scott J. Simmerman, Ph.D., who […]

Play the Fool, Achieve Hero Leadership

David Riklin caught my attention a while ago with one of those quotes that says a lot more than it says. So, I added it into my catalog of Square Wheels® Posters and something to add to our Culture Wall idea of motivational and developmental Square Wheels themes. Organizational alignment and culture change can look […]

Where can I buy The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine?

Performance Management Company is the designer and main distributor of the team building simulation, The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. We started using the exercise in 1993 and decided to package and sell very usable designs of this game without the normally required certification or annual licenses or per-participant fees. Users would buy […]

Senior Managers SHOULD Deliver Team Building Programs

This is a long and detailed article about the hows and whys of senior leadership being actively involved in changing corporate culture to be more collaborative and engaged. In this blog, I will share a simple delivery structure to allow a highly cost-effective, total organizational development effort modeled on an each one, teach one kind […]

Design Thinking: Who ARE those customers

Attending an Agile workshop this morning, my thinking was on Design Thinking and how many of those processes neatly support the Agile approaches to innovation and implementation. What we are seeing so often is an active resistance to even the basic ideas around implementing improvements. But, as I have seen since starting my consulting and […]

Why is “Lost Dutchman” such a great team building exercise?

Active involvement generates ownership, and it is generally true that Nobody ever washes a rental car. So, if you are looking to generate commitment to change and to have better alignment to shared goals and a higher level of collaboration among work teams and departments, then it makes sense to use a business simulation to […]

Purpose, Blind Spots, and Next Questions

Three new “posters” using the same Square Wheels One image all came together in my head this morning, as a way to tell a real story about what managers need to consider doing differently to impacting people and performance. These are all part of my “culture wall” thinking about how we can share images and […]

Contributing Improvement Ideas. The BOSS is the biggest issue

I plan on doing a whole series of posts around some survey results by my friend and colleague, Lynn Woods at IdeaSpies. Her data focuses on some of the issues around management and innovation and active involvement. My goal is to write a LOT more about this in coming blogs about people and performance and […]

Delivery Tips for Lost Dutchman Teambuilding Exercise

An overview of some of the different design features of this team building game as they apply for new users.

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